Constant van Crombrugghe

Canon Constant Guillaume van Crombrugghe (1789 - 1865) lived during a time of great upheaval in Western Europe in what is now Belgium. He was born and baptised in Grammont (Geraardsbergen) in the region of East Flanders in Belgium on 14 October 1789. His father, Ghislain-François (1761-1842), was a successful brewer in Grammont and belonged to a well established and wealthy family that traced its origin in the city of Gent back to 1600. His mother, Cécile-Joseph (1757-1826), a leading force in the lace-making business, belonged to an established and influential family in Grammont. Constant's uncle, Jean-François Spitaels founded his own bank and this side of the family later branched out into heavy industry, railways and textiles. During his life, van Crombrugghe undertook a wide variety of activities during his life including being:


- Responsible for the choristers of the Cathedral of Amiens in France


- A Roman Catholic Priest, Canon and Dean of Gent Cathedral


- The Secretary and special envoy to the Bishop of Gent


- A member of the Diocesan Council of Gent


-  An elected delegate to the 1830 National Constitutional Congress of Belgium


-   The author of several books and a newspaper columnist


- The Founder of four Religious Orders


- The Headmaster of the College of Alost


- A director of Catholic Education in Flanders


- A director of the "Le Catholique des Pays-Bas" newspaper


- A benefactor of the poor


- A Prison Visitor



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